Mr. Obama won the elections in the United States. What woul it implie in terms of the attitude of the White House toward Latinamerica? Speciffically, the Andean Cluster.

In Peru, and Colombia I hope, the governments are highly interested in clossing a commertial arrangement with the USA.  In fact Peru will start its Brand New Commertial Treatise on January 1st. Thats a big, big deal for the whole nation.

In the last decades, our country had several spetial treatments, in commertial terms.  The Bush Initiative, and then the Andean Initiative, were designed speciffically to control the growht of Coca Plantations. Under the substitution by other profitable options. Like Cacao, or Coffee. We loose this game,  and its over, far over now. The substitution now is advancing, but because the effect of poord demand in developed countries, due to the consumpion of Heroin.

Other interesting option was the GSP (Generalized Systems of Preferences). But the quotas,  and other administrative restrictions undermine severelly the mechanism.

Given the state of the question,  we still remain as primary exporters. With all the risk our economy takes. And all the risk the region faces, given the inbalance that means Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

…It will continue.

Brief economic analysis of latinamerica economics


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