The Rio Group had its Meeting in Bahia, the north state of Brazil, and home of one of our major novelists, Jorge Amado (famous for one of its novels “Gabriela, Cravo e Canela”, a masterpiece).

 And with the sun, extremely beautiful “praias” (beaches), and colorful ambient, our two Latin Idols, launched the idea of constructing a new Financial System. The IMF and the World Bank didn’t matter.


The truth is, with a price of US 35.00 Dollars per Oil Barrel, Chavez & Company need urgent help.  With no major resources to accede, Venezuela, and Bolivia, and Ecuador will start to feel impatient. And so its populations.

Venezuela had clearly stated its impatient wait for a government change, in a public differendo some weeks ago. The Government still maintains its border problems with Colombia only to focus the popular attention outside.  

Bolivia is nearly to explode,  with a Morales trying not  to hear what the two main  regions ask for: independence.  The tropical Santa Cruz calls for its independence, stating its own identity and claiming for a representative government.  By the other side, the Altiplano sets it apart too, based on its pride for its indigenous heritage, and the urgent sotial needs of its population.

Ecuador is not making better. What is for sure is that people in this three countries will not tolerate this kind of specimens as leaders for far.  What will determine the lenght of its goverments is its economic resources.


That’s why they also launched his second initiative: to urge Mr. Obama to change US politics toward Cuba. A few questions: do they understand really the world context as the US does?  Do they understand its priorities and needs?


And finally, this leaders ended his performance with the creation of the South American Defense System. 

It was music for the ears of Brazil and Chile, two countries interested in developing its defense industry. Customers were there.

What not was there is the feeling of Latin America as unique, and united. That feeling that appears when we read Amado, and imagine Gabriela (“Gabriela, Cravo e Canela”) waking like a gazelle in the, again, colorful streets of Bahia.

And Chrysler, GM, and…Bush Administration

In the US the two sisters, Chrysler and GM announced its plans not to operate fifty manufacture plants in America.  And the Bush Administration launched a billionaire credit, announced lower interest rates, and all the car industry need to still standing. 

The world economy responded with the depreciation of the Dollar. Is this an injection of Trust for America?  We think honestly its not. Its time to think in a new world, without America as its center.



PS If your imagination is a little bit tired, just look the characterization of Gabriela by Sonia Braga.  Just a Godess.


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