La distribucion selectiva es todo un mundo en si. Solo por el hecho de tratarse de menos puntos de venta no la hace menos compleja. Al contrario, hay que seleccionar donde colocar la marca. Y cuales son los criterios (trafico, espacio en tienda, visibilidad, por ejemplo).

Al enfrentar el reto de construir un sitema de Puntos de Venta, que incluya todos los canales, hay que partir de la estructura de la ciudad. Estro porque en el mundo real el publico objetivo vive en determinados barrios. Trabaja en el centro historico (Downtown) o comercial de la ciudad. Y hay vias que conectan ambos lugares. Solo pensando en dos actividades: trabajo-descanso.

Piura, Peru

Cuando pensamos en entretenimiento, surgen nuevos lugares y rutas. Y todas deben ser evaluadas. Sondeadas inicialmente para saber cuales nos interesan. De acuerdo a posicionamiento y segmentacion.

A continuacion, una muestra de un sondeo inicial. De la vida real. En ingles para variar.



The aim of this document is to set the main guidelines to develop the Selective Distribution Project at its initial phase in the city of Arequipa.

Given the particular commercial structure of Arequipa we distinguish four main development areas,

The chart below shows the situation regarding coverage by Point of Sale,

Theres an usseful measure for coverage: the storecheck. We have a brief desciption in this blog. In Arequipa we made a storecheck for three types of POP (Point of Sale): Autoservices, Drugstore Chains, and Bodegas (called Mum&Pop Stores).

As observed, we have coverage opportunities in Drugstores, and Galleries (Galerias). With the particularity that there remain many non associated Drugstores. Means they are local owned, but project a strong presence and are well located.

The Galleries are commerce concentrations which general layout remains strip-shaped, and most of them connect high traffic streets (for example Mercaderes and Santo Domingo) in the Downtown.

In terms of visibility, our points are generally well displayed. Exception made of El Super in Pierola Street, where the space and location on layout can have a remarkable improvement.

Our Outlet is located on Calle Jerusalem, near the Plaza de Armas. But the traffic is a kind low, in comparison to other streets (to measure the traffic, we took Bolivar Street for example).

To have a technical idea of the performance of the Outlet, we took indicators like Street Traffic (through a simple counting; note that theres a methodology for this), Sales Area, In-Store Flow, and Brand Exposure. The observations were made on Saturday 1st, 2008

Results: bad, poor performance.

We have as in other cities, two kinds of High Traffic Avenues. The first corridor-type, and the second commercial itself.

One good example of the first type mentioned above is La Marina Avenue. It borders the river and surrounds also the Downtown. There we find the Plaza Vea Store, wich indicators we must measure together with those corresponding to El Super, located on the Avenida del Ejercito (commercial High Traffic Avenue). Recommended to take care of:


Store Area
Brand Traffic
Brand Hits
% Linear / Cathegory
Placing on Traffic Flow

Token on Saturday 1st May, for Vea La Marina, and El Super Av. Ejercito.

There’s a clear opportunity to improve our situation in Plaza Vea. Next you can see a listing of profile indicators for Av. del Ejercito, An Avenue of high visibility also, because connects Cayma, Vallecito and Yanahuara (A / B+ Residential Areas) with the Downtown:

Block Density
Gas Stations
Finantial Anchors
Type Commerce Area

Must be taken into account that just at the beginning of the high density area is a Semaforo placed. And we have a Bypass at the end of the commercial area (Cuadra 9 Av. del Ejercito).

Now we have presence in the Saga Mall, with El Super.

We visited a suburban area of standard middle class (Hunter District). There we found in the surroundings of Avenida Union and Avenida Paris, a coverage of 12.5%, within a sample composed mainly of Bodegas A and B, and Bodegas-Bazar (May 2nd).

In Feria del Altiplano (Mercado de Abastos) we found 360 Market Stalls, with little presence even of Movistar and Claro. This brands took place in the surrounding streets, covering above 25% of linear space (figured as a market perimeter). We have presence in Mifarma Drugstore (Farre and Elias Aguirre Corner).

Mercadillos – Siglo XX: There are 740 wide assorting, imported goods Stalls, with massive affluence. Customers in Arequipa prefer this market due to low price / high quality products. In personal care, prices can be as low as 50% below mode (specifically shampoos).

To increase coverage and visibility in the defined key commercial areas of the city of Arequipa.

Flyers for the Trade portraying the Conquista Project Implatation Solutions

The activities proposed are aggregated again by opportunity area,

We can develop presence specifically in,
 Commercial Centers, Panoramico and La Gran Via.
 Electronics Stores, at Estilos, a local chain which includes a Department Store.
 Newspaper Kiosks, Calle Comercio.

 Create traffic flow by events in the Downtown area, and locate street signals (following the pattern set by the Municipalidad).
 Improve lights, music, displays, and general layout.

HIGH TRAFFIC AVENUES (Av. Marina, Av. Del Ejercito)
 We have already a new placing proposal for our Plaza Vea POPs. At the moment its already delivered to the Store Manager.
 In the Saga Mall, we can improve presence with an additional stand on the entrance of the Food Court.
 We recommend also to place two additional points at the Primax Convenience Stores on Av. La Marina and Av. Ejercito.

 Define a Store Background Zone, wich allows the POPs to overachieve its sales targets.
 Run a commercial count in Yanahuara and define the relevant POPs.
 Implant new Non Operated POPs, with New format.

MERCADOS (Altiplano, Siglo XX)
 In Altiplano but we have two Drugstores to cover, and can display an Aisle in the Mercado itself, to create strong brand awareness, at reasonable cost.
 In Siglo XX the task is to define a general Layout for aisles and other points.

Finally, for all the areas we recommend a selective approach for the Regional Distributor coverage.

May 01, 2008.


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