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“This is the lesson: never give up, never, unless required by honor”

Sir Winston Churchill

Today we’ll talk about the sales presentation. At this point, confidence is crucial. And in regard to this issue a highly valuable personal recommendation: Attitude always precedes Outcome. If someone acts as winner, the victory will be the natural consequence. If you act as you are happy, joy will come later. Take it for granted.

Read carefully now: when announcing your customer, child, or wife, you have a real, big surprise, do not fear. Show yourself, act and think like solid rock. The advice is wise because a No is always a deferred Yes.

¿Dear friends, have you thought that a negative forces us to strive? A negative forces us to improve, to abandon our personal comfort zone. Remember that to be extraordinary needs an equal, extraordinary effort. And a negative helps us to put our best on the table.

A personal anecdote will show better my point. Some years ago at a Chinese restaurant (not one of our dear Chifas) of Miami, a friend of mine told me that the fish did not seem fresh. The flesh was very soft, had no texture.

But live fish were displayed in special aquariums. After one is chosen, it goes directly to the skillet. ¿How come they taste so bad? The answer was plain and simple: the poor fishes were waiting their turn. They feel sentenced to death. Their flesh had the flavor of desperation, total despair. Therefore they tasted so flaccid, insipid.

Being aware of this I took a lobster from other tank, and put it together with the fishes. While my date distracted the owner, I watched fascinated as fish in the meantime changed their attitude. They had to do unfortunately. Death was no longer waiting for them, now death lived among them. And they had to move, be 100% alert to survive!

No surprise, the texture changed. A painful but truthful demonstration of what is achieved when one is put in a bind. If one is made of good wood (and we all are), we will respond with prodigious, unbelievable strength.

Finally for this time: if we lose the sale, or our proposal is not accepted, ¿is that really so terrible? The answer is a resounding no. Even if by mere statistics we fail, these falls make us stronger. And gain experience to try again. And eventually win the game. Forever.

Remember, Fear Not, because in the worst case, a No … is a deferred Yes!

Juan Carlos Seminario

Managing Director

Mentor 2Xsell